Articles (in thematic order)



Unrecognised States


‘The Secret Lives of Unrecognised States: internal dynamics, external relations and counter-recognition strategies’, Small Wars and Insurgencies, 27/3 March 2016 pp. 440-466.

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Republished on 25 June 2014 by the International Relations and Security Network

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Post-Soviet Central Asia and the Caucasus


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Colour Revolutions / Regime Change in the Former Soviet Union


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Irish Foreign Policy


‘Ireland’s Foreign Relations in 2014’, Irish Studies in International Affairs (Vol. 26, 2015) pp. 275-320.

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Irish Politics and History


‘The Dog that Didn’t Bark: The evolution of Southern unionism in pre and post-revolutionary Ireland’, History Ireland, Vol. 23, No. 4 (July/August 2015) pp. 44-48.

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Post-Soviet conflicts


‘The Role of the EU and the OSCE in Promoting Security and Cooperation in the South Caucasus and Moldova’ in Ayca Ergun and Hamlet Isaxanli (eds) Security and Cross-Border Cooperation in the EU, Black Sea Region and the Southern Caucasus (NATO Science for Peace and Security Series, IOS Press, 2013) pp. 42-57.

European Union to Ukraine: sorry, you’re on your own, Crikey, 19 March 2014.

‘Can Ukraine cross the great divide?’ Sunday Business Post, 2 March 2014. Available at

Ukraine: Quo Vadis?, Bastion Digital, 24 February 2014.
Also published in Spanish – ‘Hacia dónde va Ucrania’


Articles published in foreign languages


Ukraine: Quo Vadis?, Bastion Digital, 24 February 2014.
Also published in Spanish – ‘Hacia dónde va Ucrania’

«Rocking the Vote»: Новые формы организации молодежи в посткоммунистическом пространстве, Форум новейшей восточноевропейской истории и культуры Русское издание
№ 1, 2014, pp. 145-164.